Middle School Business Technology

April 24--Teacher Appreciation Week

April 25--Physical Fitness Month

April 26--Mother's Day

April 27--Armed Forces Day

April 28--National Nurses Day

April 24--Access #5 Practice, Access #6

April 25--Access #8 Filtering, Access #7

April 26--Access #9 & #10

April 27--Access #11 & #12

April 28--Access #13 Integrate Word and Access

Monday 4/24-  Finish page 543, Video cyberbullying

Tuesday 4/25-

Wednesday 4/26-

Thursday 4/27-

Friday 4/28-


April 24--Excel Review Objective & Production Test

April 25--Intro to PhotoShop, Tools Palette

April 26--WP May Day

April 27--Excel Objective Test

April 28--Excel Production Test