Gateway to Technology
Please use this Canvas Calendar Link to see current assignments in Gateway.
  • Students are currently working on unit 1.2 in the curriculum on Canvas.  Please have your student show you their site where every item of the curriculum is available to them.
  •  1.2 A Picture is Worth 1000 words is about sketching and graphic communication.  Students will be exploring different types of technical drawings and sketches.  We will be working in a sketching packet and doing many drawings in the Engineering Notebook (EN).  The sketching packet is due on 9/14 and the 1.2 A Picture is Worth 1000 words document will be due on 9/16.
  • The drawing skills that students will aquire will be applied in projects and problems that will be assigned later in the course. 

Introduction to Engineering Design
Please use this Canvas Calendar Link to see current assignments in Introduction to Engineering Design
  • Students are now starting on Unit 2- Technical Drawing and Sketching
  • Students have completed work on many instant challenges, discovering the design process, and how to use tools such as design briefs and a decision matrix.  These tools will be applied throughout the course in projects and problems.
  • Students need to keep an engineer's notebook (EN) up to date and complete with all the documentation from this course.  The EN will be graded periodically.
  • Students will also have a vocabulary quiz over each unit.  Links to resources for reviewing and preparing for these quizzes are available on the Canvas site.  Please click on the Quizlet link.