Monday 8/28          Mathxl  Practice exercise on the computer

Tuesday 8/29          Wrbk page 11 (19,29,22,24,26,27)  Show all work in math notebook.

Wednesday 8/30   Wrbk page 10 (6,7,8,10) page 11(21,23,25)  Show all work in math notebook.

Thursday 8/31       Wrbk page 10 (11-16) page 11(28-33) Show all work in math notebook.

Friday 9/01             Wrbk page10 (17-18) page 12 (39-40) show all work in math notebook.

Monday 9/04            OFF - Happy Labor Day

Tuesday 9/05           Complete second half of adding and subtracting decimal page.

                                  Study for Quiz on adding and subtracting decimals

Wednesday 09/06    Quiz on adding and subtracting decimals

Thursday 09/07        Page on multiplying decimals

Friday – 9/08            More work on multiplying decimals

Monday 09/18        Multiplying Decimals worksheet

Tuesday 09/19       Complete Yesterday's worksheet and assign new worksheet

Wednesday 09/20   Complete new worksheet

Thursday 09/21       Assign New Worksheet in Preparation for Multiplying Decimals Quiz

Friday 09/22            Review Multiplying Decimals in preparation for Quiz

Monday 09/25     Review Multiplying Decimals in Preparation for Quiz tomorrow

Tuesday 09/26    Quiz on Multiplying Decimals

Wednesday 09/27  Review quiz, Introduce dividing decimals in workbook

Thursday  09/28  Dividing Decimals worksheet

Friday 09/29  Dividing Decimals worksheet