Welcome to Keyboarding!!!! Students will learn all of their major scales, 4 sets of chords, and three piano solos this semester. They will also learn how to put chords with a melody and write out their last solo!!

January 15- C Scale

January- G Scale

January 29- D Scale

February 5- A and E Scales

February 12- B Scale

February 19- 1st Solos

February 25- F Scale

March 5- Bb Scale

March 11- Eb Scale (End of First Nine Weeks)

March 18- Ab Scale

April 1- Db and Gb Scales

April 8- 2nd Solos

April 22- C Chords

April 28- First draft of solo is due

April 29- G chords

May 6- F chords

May 13- Bb chords

May 18- Final draft of solo is due

May 23-25- Finals