5th Grade Senofu Paintings

Drawing of the animal fills the page ___/20

Animal is filled with 6 patterns that repeat at least 3 times ___/20

Pencil lines are neatly traced with black marker ___/20

The boarder is straight with patterns that reapeat ___/20

Paragraph submitted on moodle about what you learned ___/20


Day of the Dead

We are studying Mexico for the next project.  We will be focusing on The Day of the Dead holiday in which the people honor ancestors that have passed away.  For next week please have a Word document written about an ancestor that is no longer living.  You will need to do some research with your family in order to complete this.  I want you to tell me:

How are they related to you?

Where are they from?

What did they do? (employment or hobbies)

Where did they like to go? (travel)

Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead Remembrance)

Skeleton is drawn large with accurate proportions __/20

Details are drawn to honor your ancestor ___/20

Colored neatly with oil pastels ___/20

Background includes details that apply to the ancestor ___/20

Paragraph written about what you learned ___/20

Total ____/100


Create a mask design drawn to scale.  Remember it should have a Native American theme and they based their masks on animals and geometric patterns.  You must color your design using no more than 5 colors and purple is not permitted. I have attached a power point for ideas. This must be completed for next Friday.

Grade Criteria for the Native American Masks

  • Paper mache is neatly applied ___/20
  • Decorations are added to enhance the mask (3)___/20
  • Mask has a Native American theme ____/20
  • Mask is painted neatly with 4-5 natural colors ___/20
  • A paragraph is written on what you learned ___/20


Self-Portrait Photography

The grading criteria will be based on the following:

  • Self-Portrait clearly represents another artist’s style and has good composition ___/25
  • Self-Portrait has been edited in 6 different ways ____/25
  • Finalized Self-Portrait has a variety of effects to convey the mood of the work ___/25
  • Paragraph written about the work as detailed above ____/25

Total _____/100




Southwestern Coil Pottery

* Pottery has no cracks dents or spaces ___/20

* Coils are attached and refined ___/20

* Design is clearly Southwestern ___/20

* Design is symmetrical and painted with only 2 colors __/20

* Paragraph is written about what you learned ___/20

Total ____/100

Perspective Government Buildings

-Accuracy using 1 or 2 point perspective ___/25

-Attention to details ___/25

-Drawing is colored neatly ___/25

-Paragraph written about perspective and how it is applied in their drawing___/25

(Paragraph should be sent to the Moodle.)

Total ___/100