Music Appreciation

Week 1 -


Week 2 -

Chapter 17 - Test on Friday

All vocab

People (know important contributions/works, time period (medieval, renaissance, early baroque, late baroque)

Thomas Weelkes

Pope Gregory

Claudio Monteverdi

Jean-Phillippe Rameau

Guillaume d’Ameins


JS Bach


Guido of Arezzo



How did the sacred and secular music of the medieval period differ?

Week 3 -

Chapter 18 - Test on Friday

Week 4 -

Chapter 19 - Test on Friday

All Vocab

Important Compositions (matching)

Maurice Ravel                   Alan Berg                       Ellen Taaffe Zwilich          Philip Glass

Claude Debussy                Manuel Maria Ponce     Charles Ives            Heitor Villa-Lobos

Igor Stravinsky                  John Corigliano               Arnold Schoenberg

Essay (pick 1)

  1. Compare impressionism and expressionism in music, citing specific works and composers.
  2. Explain the individual composition methods of 12-tone and aleatory music.

Week 5 - 6

Chapter 9 - Test on following Friday

Jazz Study Guide

All Vocab

Identify Artists:

Fletcher Henderson, Benny Goodman, Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong, Lester Young, Duke Ellington, Mary Lou Williams, Jelly Roll Morton

Critical thinking (Pick One)

How do Jazz musicians learn improvisation?

Compare the swing music of the Big Band Era with the bebop music of the 1940.

Week 7 - Chapter 6

Choral Music

Fast-forward into the future.  You are a parent with a child that wants to be involved in music.  Why would you encourage your child to join choir and explain why? Would you have him/her be involved in more than one musical activity?  What activities would your child be involved with outside of music?  How would you help balance their time? Think about cost, scheduling, etc…  Answer in detail.  350 word minimum.  Due Friday, September 30

Week 8 -

 Chapter 14 Opera - Test on Monday

All Vocab

Character Identification in both La Boheme and Rent: Mimi, Angel, Rodolfo, Marcello, Collins, Musetta, Collins, and Roger

Essays (pick one)

Describe the ways Jonathan Larson updated La Boheme in his musical Rent.

What musical devices were used in La Boheme and Rent to express emotion?

La Boheme vs Rent Comparison attached below

Week 9 -

Orchestra Music - Development -

Essay:  Orchestra Unit


  1. You are an orchestra musician.  Name your orchestra (professional, community, high school, etc…) and give historical facts about it.  Choose an actual orchestra and research it. 
  2. Identify your instrument (pick a string instrument: violin, viola, cello, bass, harp), where you would sit within the orchestra stage, and historical facts about your instrument.  Include the brand of your instrument as well as the estimated value.
  3. Essay should be 750 words,  12 font, Times New Roman
  4. List any sources used for your information.

Week 10 -

Chapter 21 - Test on Friday

Week 11 -

Band Music (Marching/DCI)

Band Unit Essay

Part 1: Pick a band instrument that you would play if you were a band member.  Research the make and model of your instrument, describe the history, and tell why you chose this instrument.

Part 2: You are a marching band director. Create a marching band show using theme, props, music of your choice and tell why you chose those selections.  Your band can be a show band or competition band.  Explain why your band does the style of show you have chosen. 

Reference websites


Week 12/13 -

Musicals - Test on Friday

Week 16 -

Week 17 -

Final Project Research

Week 18 -

Aural Presentations of Final Project

Week 19 -

No Final - Presentation used for Final Grade








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