Mon 8/19

Spontaneous scrap sculpture 

Tue 8/20- Thur 8/22

Sketchbook assignment #1, DUE 8/27

Read and take notes on ch 1 in Beginning Sculpture, pp 2-25

Answer questions in ch 1 study guide

Fri 8/23

Due: Ch 1 study guide 

Discuss and review ch 1 in class

Mon 8/26

Review/grade in class Study guide. 

Tue 8/27

Due: Sketchbook Assignment #1 

Complete Reviewing Study guide in class. 

Sketchbook Assignment #2 Due next week, Tue 9/3

Homework: Due Wed 8/28

Bring in a natural object from home to use as the subject of your first sculpture assignment. See FIelds for details.

Sketchbook assignment #2 Due 9/3

Wed 8/28

Begin by sculpting the clay into several (many) small forms, based on your object, that capture features or certain strong aspects of the object. Make your small sculptures, maquettes, quickly. You should end up with at least five different small forms.

Thur 8/29

Continue working on clay maquettes of natural object.

Fri 8/30

Choose one of the maquettes to work from as an example and create a large version in clay that captures the smae or similar visual expression and/or emphasis'.


Tue 9/3 Sketchbook #2 Due

Work on 5 quick clay sculpture replications, try to get them done by/on Wed. 


Do a series of sketches of your clay sculpture, showing an assortment of views.

Discuss in class abstraction and what that means.

Do a series of sketches that begin with the completed sculpture, then work toward abstracting it.

Begin an abstract version of your natural object in clay.


Favorite sculptor presentations

Work on sculptures


Mon - Drawing of abstracted subject for clay sculpture. You can use your natural object for the subject or choose something else. Three views plus perspective. These will be graded =10 pts.

Tue -Drawing.

Wed -Discuss each others abstractions. Discribe intensions and reasons behind simplificasions.

Thur -Begin working in clay when drawings are completed.

Fri -Abstract clay sculptures

9/30 -10/4

Work on abstract clay sculptures.


Work on abstract clay sculptures.


Finishing work on abstract clay sculptures. Remember refinement is very important!

Thur, Fri- Mix plaster for pouring in molds.


Begin carving plaster form.

Thur- Fri- Fall Break!


Work on carving plaster sculpture.

1. When you get your form roughed in with the caring knife, begin using the rasp and riffler rasps to refine the form.

2. Then use coarse sandpaper to remove bumps and carving marks. Follow up the coarse sandpaper with progresively finer sandpaper to attain a smooth surface, free of  carving marks.


Work on plaster sculpture. Use progressively finer gages of sand paper to attain a very smooth surface free of scraches, nicks, and blemishes.


Work on plaster sculpture. Use progressively finer gages of sand paper to attain a very smooth surface free of scraches, nicks, and blemishes.

*After completing your plaster sculpture and your design drawings, sketchbook #6, you can begin your soapstone sculpture. First you need to use a pencil and draw your form from the various views on each side (surface) of the piece of stone before you actually begin carving.