Schedule for the week of Sept. 18

Monday, 9/18: Get negatives for critique #2. Complete critique in class/for homework. Due tomorrow-- must be returned with negatives!

Tuesday, 9/19: Critique due. Intro to darkroom reading-- complete worksheet by end of class. Reading in textbook and supplemental reading on Moodle.

Wednesday, 9/20: Making the print/darkroom notes. On Moodle-- stay focused/it's a lot of information! Packet due by the end of the hour Thursday.

Thursday, 9/21: Print problems reading on Moodle & visiting back board to view prints and complete sheet by end of hour Friday. Darkroom notes packet due by end of hour.

Friday, 9/22: The photo story reading on Moodle & accompanying questions, to complete by end of hour on Monday. Print problems due by end of hour.

Monday, 9/26: Hand in story questions by the end of the hour.