Homework for Mr. Miller's class for :                    

        Friday, September 22, 2017

Reading:  Elisa's Diary test today

Language/Spelling:  Unit 5 Spelling post today

Math:   Flex Day Stations for Math games

Science:   Organism PowerPoint presentation due Friday, Sept. 29th

Social Studies:  Read Chapter 2 Lesson 4 "The West & Southwest."  Filled out Lesson outline and completed in class worksheet

EXTRA:   Chaperones are Mrs. Lamb, Ms. Anzur, and Mr. Munoz.  Entertainment books were sent home as a fundraiser.  Either buy one for $25.00 or return the book.  All books or $ are due by September 27th.  All camp onlines forms are completed.  Supply list for Camp sent home and begin thinking about packing.

REMINDERS:  Please charge your laptops tonight and every night!!!!!!!  Music field trip slips sent home for the Symphony

Question of the Day:  None.  Have a nice weekend!!!


  * if there is a question of the day (Send Mr. Miller an email by midnight of the day the question is posted with a response)  No responses equal a negative DOJO point the next school day along with a miss of Brain Break.