Monday (10/26)

      GTK- worksheet

      Read GTK article for States of Matter

Tuesday (10/27)

        Exploration - States of Matter

Wednesday (10/28)

     GTK - Changes of State

 Thursday (10/29)

    None -

   Friday (10/30)

      Study for Vocab quiz on Wed. 11/4

Wednesday (11/4)

    no homework - Changes in State and States of Matter test on 11/11

Thursday (11/5)

    In lab - finish lab sheet

Friday (11/6)

      Test Review sheet due Monday - study for test on 11/11

Monday (11/9)

     BCR sheet

Tuesday (11/10)

    Study for States of Matter Test

Wednesday (11/11)

     Vocabulary words worksheet

Thursday (11/12)

    Getting to Know Separating & Combining

Friday (11/13)

   Video Quiz worksheet

Monday (11/16)

    Study for quiz on Wed

Tuesday (11/17)

     Study for quiz on Wed

Wednesday (11/18)

     Read Lab procedures

Thursday (11/19)

     Lab due

Friday (11/20)

     Chem4kids worksheet

Monday (11/23)

     finish BCR

      Review worksheet for test

Tuesday (11/24)

        study for test

Wednesday (11/25)

Tuesday (12/1)

      Review planets

Wednesday (12/2)

      Mars Characteristics

Thursday (12/3)

      Mercury and Venus Characteristics

Friday (12/4)

      Study for Vocabulary Quiz on Monday

Monday (12/7)

      GTK and BCR

Tuesday (12/8)

      Jupiter and Saturn characteristics

Wednesday (12/9)

      Uranus and Neptune characteristics

Monday (12/14)

   This week there will be no homework besides study for the planets test on your designated day.

  4th period - Wednesday

   5th period - Tuesday

   6th period - Thursday

Planets vocabulary.docxPlanets vocabulary.docx