Online Book for 6th/7th grade:  Envision- access via powerschool

Online Homework:

Online Book for 8th grade:  McGraw Hill

All homework must have work shown or no credit will be given.


To view homework assignments and upcoming assignments, please visit Blackboard.

1.)  Go to

2.)  Click on View Class Catalog

3.)  Type Kruhm in search box

4.)  Pick Math 6, Honors 7, or Algebra depending on your class

5.)  Click Assignments on the left

6.)  Assignments will be listed to the right


Algebra 2017-2018 KRUHM.docxAlgebra 2017-2018 KRUHM.docxHonors 7 2017-2018 KRUHM.docxHonors 7 2017-2018 KRUHM.docxMath 6 2017-2018 KRUHM.docxMath 6 2017-2018 KRUHM.docx