Students will learn the history of music and hopefully develop a growing appreciation for the different idioms.

Week 2- Chapter 17- Test on Friday

Week 3- Chapter 18- Test on Friday

Week 4- Chapter 19- Test on Friday

Week 5 and 6- Chapter 9- Test on Friday

Week 7- Orchestra and its music- Listening test on Friday

Week 8- Band, marching band, and its music- listening test on Friday

Week 9- Choirs and their music- Listening test on Friday

Week 10- Chapter 21- Test on Friday

Week 11- Chapter 14- test on Friday

Week 12, 13- Chapter 15- Musicals- Watch Shrek the musical

Week 14, 15- Chapter 16- Movie scores

Week 16- Intro to final project

Week 17- Research for final project

Week 18- Aural presentations of final project (5-7 minutes)

Grading) tests- 15 points apiece, Classroom 5 points per week, Performance attendance 15 points apiece, Final project- 30 points.