Monday, September 18- Students did a close reading of the short story, "Dinner Guest."  New vocabulary list--hyper and super, supr, and sur.  Quiz on Thursday.  If you were absent, pick up the list.

Tuesday, September 19- Students selected an article to read and write a summary about.  Checked vocabulary questions.  There is a quiz on Thursday.

Wednesday, September 20 - Students presented a summary of articles they selected to read.  Homework:  Quiz over vocabulary tomorrow. 

Thursday, September 21 - Students took the vocabulary assessment.  Continued student presentations.  No homework.

Friday, September 22 - No School.

Monday, September 25 - Students continued with their presentations.  New vocabulary list with the prefixes:  fore, pre, and post.  Homework:  Finish handout.  Students voted for the quiz on Thursday.