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  • Week 1

    Welcome to the first week of Intermediate Chorus!  During this week, we will work on establishing routines and learn about the policies and procedures of having choir with Mr. Robinson.  The Choral Department Handbook will be distributed, as will the calendar.  We will also do voice checks to make sure that everyone is singing the voice part they should!  Once we get to know each other and go over everything, we will start to work on music for our fall concert.

    Signed Student and Parent Acknowledgement sheets, found at the back of the Choral Department Handbook, must be returned to Mr. Robinson by Friday August 15th.  Thank you!

    Parents, if you have questions about the Spring Break trip to Los Angeles, do not hesitate to call (219-836-3200 ext. 3345) or email (asrobinson@munster.us) me!  The first larger payment ($200) is due BY FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 29TH.  The $50 "hold" deposit should be turned in ASAP.  September 29th is also the day you must either commit to going on the trip or say you will not.  This is per our tour company's policy because they have purchase set numbers of tickets for the plane and attractions, reserve hotel rooms, and more. 

    We are still looking for 5 or 6 parent chaperones.  Email Mr. Robinson for more details!

    • Week 2

      With the roster set for the semester, we begin working on music for our first concert - Thursday October 12th at 7:00 PM in the MHS Auditorium.  We have divided into four sections - soprano, alto, tenor, and bass.  During the week, we looked at portions of a few songs: "Cry Out and Shout," "River in Judea," "Feller From Fortune," and "If Ye Love Me."  We are working on making sure that we have a pencil in our folder each day (as we might have random, graded pencil checks) and putting all rehearsal markings in our music.  This saves time and allows the entire choir to know what phrasing, pronunciation, breating, dynamics, etc. should happen in the music.

      • Week 3

        We continue to work through the same four pieces of music: "Feller From Fortune," "If Ye Love Me," "River in Judea," and "Cry Out and Shout."  We are working on confidence with out parts, and some of the songs even have more division beyond four parts.  We set goals for the entire year, and we constantly reference those when people get unfocused.  We are striving towards great rehearsals each day so we can earn all Golds at State Qualification (one of the goals we set).

        • Week 4

          We continue to work on our concert repertoire.  In addition, we have spent some time practicing sight reading in class.

          • Week 5

            We continue to work on sight reading and concert music.