Weekly outline

  • Week 1

    Welcome to Piano and Electronic Keyboarding!  During the first day and first full week, we will get accustomed to the piano, figure out where the keys are, discuss elements of music, and start to learn our first scale.  We will also take our pre-test for the semester to see what our baseline knowledge is.  The C major scale will be assessed at the end of the first full week (week of August 14-18).

    • Week 2

       Students began working on scales with sharps (making notes sound higher) in the key signature.  Six major scales - G, D, A, E, B, and F# - will be assessed.  Students will have approximately two weeks to complete these scales.

      • Week 3

         Students continue to work on their G, D, A, E, B, and F# major scales.  As they finish, they begin to work on their first piece of solo piano music.  Students have until the end of class on Tuesday September 5th to complete the six scale assessments.

        • Week 4

           Students worked on their first piece of solo music.  The performances will be during Week 5.

          • Week 5

            Students continue to work on their solo music.  Performances of their music for one another occurred in the middle of the week.  The remainder of this week is spent going back to fundamentals - this time, flat key signature major scales. Flats lower the sounds of particular pitches.