Living an Active Life

An active life promotes longevity of life! 

*All students need a school physical on file before they will be allowed to participate in PE.*

*All absences require students to make up activity points for the day with an alternative assignment. Points not made up will result in a zero in the grade book for each absence.* 

*For more details about the course, please refer to the attached course syllabus.*


Ms. Raspopovich's Summer School PE

50% participation

30% Test/Quiz/Written Work

20% Skills

Loaner uniforms available on a limited basis.

Week of 3/2:

This week we will be concluding our volleyball unit.  On Wednesday, we have a timed run/open gym as we transition into the basketball unit.  Coach Marsh's class and our class will be participating in this unit together.  Just in time for March Madness! :)

Wednesday: Introduction to the course, and course description sheet.

Thursday: Worksheet (Class Importance)

Friday: TBD

Week #5:

We have concluded our Ultimate Frisbee portion of the Invasion Games Unit last week.  This week we will begin Soccer, which is our largest activity/sport of this unit.  Variations of line soccer, foosball soccer, drills, 6 small co-ed teams game play, and soccer golf are likely to be played.  Please consider leaving athletic tops and bottoms in your Physical Education locker with your extra pair of gym shoes because the weather is changing some and we are still planning on going outside for quite a while. 

Thank You



Monday, 1/15/18 - Friday, 1/19/18:  Fitness testing and volleyball skills

The week of 4/13/15  Leroy Marsh

Health and Wellness

Monday- Tuesdady

continue studying drug types from Chapter 22

Wednesday- take drug classification test from chapter 22

Thursday- we will further discuss the use of illegal drugs

Friday- lecture over chapter 22

The week of 4/20/15 Leroy Marsh

Monday - test over chapter 22

Tuesday - Friday

Start chapter on STD's

The week of 4/27/15 Leroy Marsh

Monday -Discuss chapter on STD's

Tuesday -Thursday continue chapter on STD's

Friday - Test on STD's

Start chapter on Human Sexuality

Wt. Training and conditioning - week of 4/12/15 - 5/4/15

Monday- Friday - resume normal workout schedule with new wt. max's

Tuesday - Lower body workout

Wed. - Friday - alternative activity

Thursday - Upper body routine

Friday - total body workout + some cardio work

3rd period Physical Education - week of 4/13/15 - 4/27/15

Monday-Friday -Continue basketball tourney