No written homework for tomorrow.  Today, all classes starting creating/ constructing their INDIVIDUAL crossword puzzles which are DUE at the START of class THIS Friday, 10/30.  Students may work on it outside of class.

Des liens utiles (useful links):

French Today: Online text and practice

Quizlet: Games and practice for vocabulary

Conjuguemos: Vocabulary and verb practice

FREE French Magazines in PDF


Les devoirs pour: (due on):

Lundi, le 22 janvier

-Texte: p. 149: ex. 5 & 6

Mardi, le 23 janvier

-Examen de vocabulaire: Leçon 9

Mercredi, le 24 janvier

-Texte: 150-151


Lire sur Haïti et écrire des notes

Jeudi, le 25 janvier

-Les feuilles d'exercices; GRAMMAR TUTOR

-Quiz sur Haïti avec les notes

Vendredi, le 26 janvier



Log into Power School and click on Pearson Courses on the Left Side of screen.

Then click on "success net plus" tab on the right.

This will take you to our site and click on "etext" and then Realidades 1

Welcome to 8th grade Spanish!  I am excited to start this 2017-2018 school year!  This is where you will find your homework and information of upcoming quizzes and tests. I expect you to check this daily when you do not know or remember your homework assignment or when you do not remember what or when an upcoming quiz or test is happening.


martes, 9/1/18-went over final exam, new seats, started working with 3A vocab; hw-3A go fish cards

miércoles, 10/1/18-did practice listening activities, watched and practiced videohistoria and played go fish; hw-CP 49-50--on page 50, list 5 words in each column

examencito de vocabulario (go fish cards), 25 points, el lunes, 15/1/18

jueves, 11/1/18-checked hw, practiced with vocab and learned frequency words and placement; hw-3A papel de frecuencia

viernes, 12/1/18-checked hw frequency wksht, practiced and learned gustar and encantar and played go fish; hw-CP 54 and GP 95-96--study for quiz!

lunes, 15/1/18-(makeup day from gas leak)

martes, 16/1/18-checked CP and GP, played kahoot and took quiz; hw-3A papel de practica

miércoles, 17/1/18-InView testing 1-3 hour; quizlet live and moodle questions; hw-preguntas de 3A en Moodle

jueves, 18/1/18-learn 2 new verbs; CP 51-52-53 and Acts 12 and 134 pages 132-133

viernes, 19/1/18-went over homework; hw-3A papel de traducción

Examencito grande, el martes, 35 pts, 23/1/18-A-5 pts, cierto o falso; B-10 pts-fill in blank with corret form of gustar or encantar; C-10 pts-fill in the blank with correct form of verb; D-10 pts-write 5 sentences in spanish (focuses on frequency words and placement)

Real 1 Cap 3A frequency short sentences wksht.docxReal 1 Cap 3A frequency short sentences wksht.docxReal 1 Cap 3A verb fill in wksht practice.docxReal 1 Cap 3A verb fill in wksht practice.docxReal 1 Cap 3A vocab.docxReal 1 Cap 3A vocab.docx

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