Middle School Business Technology

Digital Applications and Responsibility prepares students to use technology in an effective and appropriate manner in school, in a job, or everyday life.  Students develop skills related to word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and communication software.  Students learn what it means to be a good digital citizen and how to use technology, including social media, responsibly.  Students expand their knowledge of how to use digital devices and sofware to build decision-making and problem-solving skills.

Digital Citizenship prepares students to use computer technology in an effective and appropriate manner.  Students develop knowledge of word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software and communications software.  Students establish what it means to be a good digital citizen, and how to use technology appropriately.

May 22--Accuracy/Inaccuracy of Media

May 23--Fact or Fiction

May 24--

May 25--

May 26--

May 22--Review PP Unit Test

May 23--PowerPoint Unit Test

May 24--Word Final

May 25--

May 26--

Monday 10/9-  Practice for Typing Test

Tuesday 10/10- Typing Test

Wednesday 10/11- Type off in Nitrotype

Thursday 10/12-

Friday 10/13-


May 22--Insert a Table & Sound, PP President's Due

May 23--Planets PP

May 24--Planets PP

May 25--Planets PP Due

May 26--