This course will cover 2D art.

Visual Arts

Visual Arts is a quarter long class with covers 2D & 3D Art with an emphasis in art history. 

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3D ART uses many different techniques to create works of art that are three-dimensional or have three-dimensional qualities.  This includes, but is not limited to, clay/ceramics, sculpture, mixed media, and fiber art.

2nd hour

5th hour



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2D Art 

2D Art uses a variety of materials to create artwork that is two dimensional.  This includes but is not limited to drawing with pencil, color pencil, pastel, and oil pastel, painting with watercolor and acrylic, and printmaking processes.

1st hour

4th hour

7th hour

syllabus 2016-2017.docxsyllabus 2016-2017.docx

Honor Art

We are working on one-point perspective drawings


We are working on pinch pots

Basic Unit Summary

Intro Clay & Ceramics (1 week)

Clay building 1: Hand building (1 week)

Clay building 2: Pinch construction (2 weeks)

Clay building 3: Coil construction (3 weeks)

Clay building 4: Slab construction 1- drape/slump mold (3 weeks)

Clay building 5: Slab construction 2- box construction (3 weeks)

Combination of building techniques (4 weeks)


 We are creating interactive portfolios for the final project- Due May 18th

Basic Timeline of Units

          Weeks 1&2: Elements of Art & PhotoShop Basic Tools

          Weeks 3&4: Digital Painting - PhotoShop

          Weeks 5-8: Photo Editing with PhotoShop

          Week 9: Introduction to Flash

          Week 10: Symbols in Flash

          Week 11: Shape Tweening (animations)

          Week 12: Motion Tweening (animations part II)

          Weeks 13&14: Creating Animated Movies

          Week 15:  Buttons and Actions

          Weeks 16&17: Creating interactive movies & games