Welcome to the School Town of Munster's Title I/EL Moodle!  The purpose of this Moodle is to provide parents with information on Title I identification, curriculum, assessments, and important dates.  There are also resources for parents of English Learners, including information on Indiana's test for identifying and monitoring English Learners, called WIDA ACCESS.  I hope you find this Moodle to be helpful and informative! 

This is how we learn.
We are strong—we are Munster!

March is digital learning month and this year we are celebrating the way we use technology to learn. 

Prepping for Digital Learning Month--James B. Eads Computer Lab

Hello Parents!  The STM Moodle is a learning environment that provides teachers and students a way to interact digitally.  This is similar to what colleges and universities use, in fact many use Moodle.  Articles and other information can be found here.  Enter the course by clicking on Anytime, Anywhere Learning.  Login as a Guest.