Tuesday, 1/10-Class introduction

Wednesday, 1/11-Read Chapter 16.1 & take notes!  Quiz next week!

Thursday, 1/12-Go over Waffle Lab & kitchen refresher

Friday, 1/13-Moodle writing assignment-due by end of hour

Monday, 1/16-No school

Tuesday, 1/17-Chapter 16.1 Lecture

Wednesday, 1/18-Waffle Lab

Thursday, 1/19-Finish 16.1 lecture

Friday, 1/20-Chapter 16.1 Quiz

Monday, 1/23-Chapter 16.1 Exam

Tuesday, 1/24-Change in schedule due to Jax's being sick-Read Chapter 16.2 & take notes for exam next week

Wednesday, 1/25-Salisbury steak lab prep

Thursday, 1/26-Eat Salisbury Steak lab

Friday, 1/27-Chapter 16.2 lecture

Monday, 1/30-Chapter 16.2 lecture

Tuesday, 1/31-BBQ lab prep

Wednesday, 2/1-Eat BBQ lab

Thursday, 2/2-Chapter 16.2 Exam

Friday, 2/3-Read Chapter 20.1 and take notes

Monday, 2/6-Go over Steak in Foil and Chicken Pot Pie labs

Tuesday, 2/7-Prep Steak in Foil lab

Wednesday, 2/8-Eat Steak in Foil lab

Thursday, 2/9-Prep Chicken Pot Pie lab

Friday, 2/10-Eat Chicken Pot Pie lab

Monday, 2/13-Go over Cookies & Potato Cheese Soup lab

Tuesday, 2/14-Prep cookie dough & go over frosting again!

Wednesday, 2/15-Bake cookies and make frosting

Thursday, 2/16-Prep Potato Cheese Soup lab

Friday, 2/17-Enjoy Potato Cheese Soup lab

Monday, 2/20-No School

Tuesday, 2/21-Intro to labs for the week

Wednesday, 2/22-Chapter 20.1 Crossword puzzle-due at end of hour

Thursday, 2/23-Prep BB Lab

Friday, 2/24-Eat BB lab

Monday, 2/27-French Toast lab

Tuesday, 2/28-Iron Chef Video

Wednesday, 3/1-Iron Chef Video & Soft Pretzel instructions

Thursday, 3/2-Soft Pretzel lab

Friday, 3/3-Soft Pretzel lab

Monday, 3/6-Study Hall

Tuesday, 3/7-Go over Company Chicken Lab & "Pancake" Lab

Wednesday, 3/8-Prep Company Chicken

Thursday, 3/9-Enjoy Company Chicken

Friday, 3/10-"Pancake" lab

Monday, 3/13-Go over Italian labs

Tuesday, 3/14-Possible prep

Wednesday, 3/15-Possible eating

Thursday, 3/16-Calzone lab

Friday, 3/17-TBA depending how week goes

Monday, 8/15-Class introduction and syllabus

Tuesday, 8/16-Read Chapter 1.1 & take notes--QUIZ TOMORROW!

Wednesday, 8/17-Chapter 1.1 Quiz (with notes) & lecture

Thursday, 8/18-Lecture

Friday, 8/19-Chapter 1.1 study guide-due Monday!

Monday, 8/22-Chapter 1.1 Test

Tuesday, 8/23-Read Chapter 1.2 & complete worksheet on paper

Wednesday, 8/24-Worksheet check & lecture

Thursday, 8/25- Read Chapter 1.3 & take notes

Friday, 8/26-Lecture 1.3

Monday, 8/29-Chapter 1.2-1.3 study guide-due tomorrow!

Tuesday, 8/30-Chapter 1.2-1.3 Exam & study guide due!

Wednesday, 8/31-Read Chapter 2.1 & take notes

Thursday, 9/1-Chapter 2.1 lecture

Friday, 9/2-Read Chapter 2.2 & complete Moodle assignment-due Tuesday, 9/6

Tuesday, 9/6-Chapter 2.2 lecture

Wednesday, 9/7-Class presentation of material

Thursday, 9/8-Chapter 2 Study Guide--DUE TOMORROW!

Friday, 9/9-Chapter 2 Exam & study guide due!

Monday, 9/12-Read Chapter 4.1 and complete guide on Moodle-due at end of hour

Tuesday, 9/13-Check work & view knife skills video

Wednesday, 9/14-Go over Kitchen Utensils for exam tomorrow!  (all on Moodle) & complete crossword 4.2

Thursday, 9/15-Kitchen Utensils Exam & crossword due

Friday, 9/16-Read Chapter 22.1 and complete guide on Moodle

Monday, 9/19-Nutrition lecture

Tuesday, 9/20-Nutition lecture

Wednesday, 9/21-Chapter 22.1 study guide-due tomorrow!

Thursday, 9/22-Chapter 22.1 Exam & study guide due!

Friday, 9/23-Lab rules & kitchen selection

Monday, 9/26-Fried Pies instructions & lab sheet

Tuesday, 9/27-Fried Pies lab

Wednesday, 9/28-Cowboy Coffee Cake/Tomato Bread instructions & lab sheet

Thursday, 9/29-Cowboy Coffee Cake/Tomato Bread lab

Friday, 9/30-Chapter 17.1 Crossword-due at end of hour

Monday, 10/3-Go over Pancake lab

Tuesday, 10/4-Pancakes lab

Wednesday, 10/5-Go over Biscuits and Gravy lab

Thursday, 10/6-Biscuits and Gravy lab

Friday, 10/7-Written reflection of first four labs-due at end of hour

Monday, 10/10-Discuss Breakfast pizza lab & Coffee Cake lab

Tuesday, 10/11-Prep Breakfast Pizza Lab

Wednesday, 10/12-Eat Breakfast Pizza Lab

Thursday, 10/13-Prep Coffee Cake lab

Friday, 10/14-Eat Coffee Cake lab

Monday, 10/17-Discuss Omelet & Muffin Labs

Tuesday, 10/18-Omelet lab

Wednesday, 10/19-PSATs

Thursday, 10/20-Chapter 17.2 crossword-due by end of hour!

Friday, 10/21-Muffin Lab

Monday-10/24-Go over Dessert Bread Lab

Tuesday, 10/25-Individual Restaurant work

Wednesday, 10/26-Kitchen Restaurant work

Thursday, 10/27-Prep Dessert Bread

Friday, 10/28-Eat Dessert Bread & discuss Halloween Lab

Monday, 10/31-Halloween Lab

Tuesday, 11/1-Discuss Mexican Bake

Wednesday, 11/2-Prep Mexican Bake

Thursday, 11/3-Eat Mexican Bake

Friday, 11/4-Continue work on Restaurant Project

Wednesday, 11/9-Go over Pasta Lab 1

Thursday, 11/10-Prep Pasta Lab 1

Friday, 11/11-Eat Pasta Lab 1

Monday, 11/14-Go over Hamburger Gyros lab

Tuesday, 11/15-Prep & eat Hamburger Gyros Lab

Wednesday, 11/16-Restaurant Projects

Thursday, 11/17-Go over Fondue Lab

Friday, 11/18-Prep & Eat Fondue Lab

Monday, 12/5-Go over Chili Lab & Sugar Cookie Lab

Tuesday, 12/6-Prep Chili Lab

Wednesday, 12/7-Eat Chili Lab

Thursday, 12/8-Prep Sugar Cookies

Friday, 12/9-Eat Sugar Cookies

Monday, 12/12-Go over Mexican Lab

Tuesday, 12/13-Prep Mexican Lab

Wednesday, 12/14-Eat Mexican Lab

Thursday, 12/15-TBA

Friday, 12/16-Study Hall for finals

Tuesday, 1/10-Class introduction

Wednesday, 1/11-Read Chapter 1 & complete worksheet-due Thursday!

Thursday, 1/12-Go over worksheet & begin lecture!

Friday, 1/13-Chapter 1 Lecture

Monday, 1/16-No school

Tuesday, 1/17-Chapter 1 lecture

Wednesday, 1/18-Chapter 1 Lecture

Thursday, 1/19-ISTEP PREP

Friday, 1/20-Lecutre and Handbook assignment (Moodle) due Monday!

Monday, 1/23-Finish Chapter 1 and talk about Handbook assignment

Tuesday, 1/24-Chapter 1 Study Guide-due tomorrow! Chapter 1 Exam tomorrow!

Wednesday, 1/25-Chapter 1 Exam

Thursday, 1/26-Begin Chapter 2-read and take notes for reading quiz tomorrow!

Friday, 1/27-Chapter 2 reading quiz and begin lecture

Monday, 1/30-Chapter 2 lecture

Tuesday, 1/31-Finish Chapter 2 lecture

Wednesday, 2/1-Chapter 2 Worksheets-due tomorrow!

Thursday, 2/2-Chapter 2 Study Guide-due tomorrow!

Friday, 2/3-Chapter 2 Exam!

Monday, 2/6-Read Chapter 3 and take notes-will be checked tomorrow!

Tuesday, 2/7-STEM research-description and links on Moodle

Wednesday, 2/8-STEM research

Thursday, 2/9-STEM PP due!

Friday, 2/10-Chapter 3 lecture

Monday, 2/13-Chapter 3 Study Guide-due tomorrow!

Tuesday, 2/14-Chapter 3 Exam & study guide due!

Wednesday, 2/15-Read Chapter 5 & and complete Key Concepts at the end of each section-13 questions in all-due at the beginning of class on 2/16

Thursday, 2/16-Begin Chapter 5 lecture

Friday, 2/17-Chapter 5 lecture

Monday, 2/20-No school

Tuesday, 2/21-Finish Chapter 5 lecture

Wednesday, 2/22-Diploma Assignment-fill out plan of study for all four years of high school on worksheet provided.  Plan your high school career according to what you would like to major in at your post-secondary institution. Due by the end of hour!

Thursday, 2/23-Chapter 5 Study Guide-due tomorrow!

Friday, 2/24-Chapter 5 Study Guide due & Chapter 5 Exam!

Monday, 2/27-Arts & Plants/Animals career cluster research

Tuesday, 2/28-Read Chapter 4 & complete study guide-due Wednesday!

Wednesday, 3/1-Chapter 4 lecture

Thursday, 3/2-Chapter 4 lecture

Friday, 3/3-Chapter 4 lecture

Monday, 3/6-Dream Job Information Moodle assignment-due at the end of the hour

Tuesday, 3/7-Finish up Chapter 4 lecture

Wednesday, 3/8-Chapter 4 Exam study guide-due tomorrow!

Thursday, 3/9-Chapter 4 Exam & study guide due!

Friday, 3/10-Career Cluster research-due at the end of the hour (hand written)

Monday, 3/13-Read Chapter 6 & work on first page of packet

Tuesday, 3/14-Look over Moodle article & begin lecture

Wednesday, 3/15-Chapter 6 lecture

Thursday, 3/16-Chapter 6 lecture wrap up

Friday, 3/17-Finish packet!




Students will work out every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  They need to be dressed in athletic wear and proper gym shoes.  Activities will include sports, running, videos, weights, and anything else that promotes exercise.  Tuesdays will be used for research and discussion about healthy living.  Thursdays will be used for cooking labs.  Each day is assessed by participation and given up to 20 points.  The weekly plans can be found on the weekly format page.

Monday, 8/15-Class introduction and syllabus

Tuesday, 8/16-Empathy Belly

Wednesday, 8/17-Baby Think It Over

Thursday, 8/18-Baby Think it Over & start Chapter 1

Friday, 8/19-Read Chapter 1 & complete study guide-due Monday

Monday, 8/22-Discuss Moodle assignment in class

Tuesday, 8/23-Chapter 1 lecture

Wednesday, 8/24-Lecture

Thursday, 8/25-lecture

Friday, 8/26-lecture

Monday, 8/29-Finish Chapter 1

Tuesday, 8/30-Chapter 1 Study Guide-due Wednesday!

Wednesday, 8/31-Chapter 1 Exam & study guide due!

Thursday, 9/1-Read Chapter 2 & complete study guide

Friday, 9/2-Chapter 2 lecture

Tuesday, 9/6-Lecture

Wednesday, 9/7-Lecture

Thursday, 9/8-Teen pregnancy

Friday, 9/9-Teen pregnancy

Monday, 9/12-Options for pregnancy

Tuesday, 9/13-STD Lecture

Wednesday, 9/14-STD lecture

Thursday, 9/15-Chapter 2 study guide-due tomorrow!

Friday, 9/16-Chapter 2 Exam & study guide due!

Monday, 9/19-Read Chapter 3 & complete guide

Tuesday, 9/20-Guide due!  Lecture

Wednesday, 9/21-lecture

Thursday, 9/22-lecture

Friday, 9/23-Finish Chapter 3

Monday, 9/26-chapter 3 Study guide-due tomorrow!

Tuesday, 9/27-Chapter 3 Exam and study guide due!

Wednesday, 9/28-Intro to Chapter 4

Thursday, 9/29-Read Chapter 4 & complete study guide

Friday, 9/30-Begin Chapter 4 lecture!

Monday, 10/3-Chapter 4 lecture

Tuesday, 10/4-Chapter 4 lecture

Wednesday, 10/5-Chapter 4 lecture

Thursday, 10/6-Start Into the Womb documentary

Friday, 10/7-Contraception Power Point

Monday, 10/10-Infertility Power Point

Tuesday, 10/11-Section 4.3 lecture

Wednesday, 10/12-Section 4.4 lecture

Thursday, 10/13-Chapter 4 Study Guide-due tomorrow!

Friday, 10/14-Chapter 4 Exam!!!  Study Guide due :)

Monday, 10/24-Chapter 5 lecture

Tuesday, 10/25-Nursery Assignment

Wednesday, 10/26-Nursery Assignment due today-Power Point

Thursday, 10/27-Chapter 5 lecture

Friday, 10/28-Chapter 5 lecture

Monday, 10/31-Finish Chapter 5 & begin Study Guide

Tuesday, 11/1-Chapter 5 study guide-due tomorrow!

Wednesday, 11/2-Chapter 5 Exam!

Thursday, 11/3-Read Chapter 6 & complete study guide

Friday, 11/4-Finish study guide & Nursery Power Point-due at end of hour

Wednesday, 11/9-Chapter 6 lecture

Thursday, 11/10-Chapter 6 lecture

Friday, 11/11-Chapter 6 Lecture

Monday, 11/14-Finish Chapter 6

Tuesday, 11/15-Birthing videos

Wednesday, 11/16-Chapter 6 Exam study guide-due tomorrow!

Thursday, 11/17-Chapter 6 Exam & study guide due!

Friday, 11/18-Start Chapter 7

Monday, 11/21-Chapter 7 Lecture

Tuesday, 11/22-Chapter 7 Lecture


Monday, 12/5-Chapter 8 packet

Tuesday, 12/6-Chapter 8 lecture

Wednesday, 12/7-Chapter 8 lecture

Thursday, 12/8-Chapter 8 lecture

Friday, 12/9-Chapter 8 Study Guide & Quiz today!

Monday, 12/12-Read Chapter 9 & do worksheets

Tuesday, 12/13-9-1 Lecture

Wednesday, 12/14-Finish 9-1 lecture

Thursday, 12/15-9-2 lecture

Friday, 12/16-Final Study guide

Tuesday, 1/10-Class introduction

Wednesday, 1/11-Moodle writing assignment-due at the end of the hour!

Thursday, 1/12-Discuss writing assignment with a partner then present ideas!

Friday, 1/13-Read Chapter 1 & take notes-Quiz Monday!!!

Monday, 1/16-No school

Tuesday, 1/17-Chapter 1 Quiz & begin lecture

Wednesday, 1/18-Chapter 1 Lecture

Thursday, 1/19-Finish lecture!

Friday, 1/20-Decision Making assignment on Moodle-due Monday

Monday, 1/23-Chapter 1 Study Guide-due tomorrow!

Tuesday, 1/24-Fininsh and study Chapter 1 SG-test moved until tomorrow due to my sick son!

Wednesday, 1/25-Chapter 1 Exam!

Thursday, 1/26-Read Chapter 2 & take notes!

Friday, 1/27-Chapter 2 Reading quiz & lecture

Monday, 1/30-Finish Chapter 2 lecture

Tuesday, 1/31-Chapter 2 worksheets-due tomorrow!

Wednesday, 2/1-Chapter 2 Study Guide-due tomorrow~!

Thursday, 2/2-Chapter 2 Exam & study guide due

Friday, 2/3-Read Chapter 3 and take notes!

Monday, 2/6-Chapter 3 Reading quiz & lecture

Tuesday, 2/7-lecture

Wednesday, 2/8-Chapter 3 activity

Thursday, 2/9-Chapter 3 Study Guide-due tomorrow!

Friday, 2/10-Chapter 3 Exam & study guide due!

Monday, 2/13-Read Chapter 8 & take notes

Tuesday, 2/14-Chapter 8 lecture

Wednesday, 2/15-Chapter 8 Lecture

Thursday, 2/16-Chapter 8 Study Guide-due tomorrow!

Friday, 2/17-Chapter 8 Exam! Study Guide Due!!!!

Monday, 2/20-No school

Tuesday, 2/21-Read Chapter 10 & take notes-reading quiz tomorrow!

Wednesday, 2/22-Chapter 10 Reading Quiz & Begin viewing Remember the Titans to complete Reflection paper on Moodle (due Sunday at 11:55pm)

Thursday, 2/23-Remember the Titans

Friday, 2/24-Finish Remember the Titans and write Reflection paper-due Sunday at 11:55pm

Monday, 2/27-Chapter 10 lecture and begin work on study guide

Tuesday, 2/28-Chapter 10 study guide-due tomorrow

Wednesday, 3/1-Chapter 10 Exam & study guide due

Thursday, 3/2-chapter 10 wrap up

Friday, 3/3-College Project Assignment-due at the end of hour on Monday

Monday, 3/6-Final in class work on college project assignment

Tuesday, 3/7-Read Chapter 20

Wednesday, 3/8-Chapter 20 Reading Quiz

Thursday, 3/9-Chapter 20 lecture

Friday, 3/10-Chapter 20 lecture

Monday, 1/11-Begin Chapter 1 lecture-Who am I?

Tuesday, 1/12-Heredity & Genertic

Wednesday, 1/13-Environment & Growth

Thursday, 1/14-Environment & Development

Friday, 1/15-Review Assignment

Tuesday, 1/19-Chapter 1 Study Guide

Wednesday, 1/20-Chapter 1 Exam

Thursday, 1/21-Read Chapter 2 and take notes!  QUIZ TOMORROW!

Friday, 1/22-Chapter 2 reading quiz & lecture

Monday, 1/25-Begin Chapter 2 lecture-Physical growth

Tuesday, 1/26-Intellectual Growth

Wednesday, 1/27-Social Growth

Thursday, 1/28-Emotional Growth

Friday, 1/29-Chapter 2 Wrap up

Monday, 2/1-Chapter 2 Study Guide-due tomorrow!

Tuesday, 2/2-Chapter 2 Exam & study guide due!

Wednesday, 2/3-Read Chapter 3 & take notes!

Thursday, 2/4-View Freshman Fall

Friday, 2/5-View Freshman Fall

Monday, 2/8-Finish Freshman Fall & write reflection-due by midnight!

Tuesday, 2/9-Chapter 3 lecture

Wednesday, 2/10-Chapter 3 lecture

Thursday, 2/11-Chapter 3 lecture

Friday, 2/12-Chapter 3 crossword-due Tuesday!

Monday, 2/15-No school

Tuesday, 2/16-Finishing Chapter 3

Wednesday, 2/17-Study Guide for Chapter 3-due tomorrow!

Thursday, 2/18-Chapter 3 Exam

Friday, 2/19-Being Chapter 4: Read and take notes!  Quiz on Monday!

Monday, 2/22-Chapter 4 Reading Quiz & begin lecture

Tuesday, 2/23-Chapter 4 lecture

Wednesday, 2/24-Study Guide-due tomorrow!

Thursday, 2/25-Chapter 4 Exam & study guide due!

Friday, 2/26-No school

Monday, 2/29-Chapter 4 Study Guide-exam tomorrow! ESSAY STYLE!

Tuesday, 3/1-Chapter 4 Exam & study guide due!

Wednesday, 3/2-Read Chapter 5 & take notes

Thursday, 3/3-Read Chapter 6 & take notes

Friday, 3/4-Groups & presentation information

Monday, 3/7-Group work

Tuesday, 3/8-Group work

Wednesday, 3/9-Group work **ALL GROUP WORK DUE TODAY**

Thursday, 3/10-Group 1 present

Friday, 3/11-Group 2 present

Monday, 3/14-Group 3 present

Tuesday, 3/15-Group 4 present

Wednesday, 3/16-Wrap up

Thursday, 3/17-Chapter 5 & 6 study guide

Friday, 3/18-Chapter 5 & 6 Exam & Study guides due!

Tuesday, 3/29-Read Chapter 7 & take notes! Quiz tomorrow!

Wednesday, 3/30-Chapter 7 Quiz & lecture

Thursday, 3/31-Lecture

Friday, 4/1-Lecture

Monday, 4/4-Finish Chapter 7 Lecture

Tuesday, 4/5-Chapter 7 Study Guide due tomorrow & Chapter 7 Exam

Wednesday, 4/6-Chapter 7 Exam & study guide due!

Thursday, 4/7-Wedding Project Intro

Friday, 4/8-Wedding Project Intro

Monday, 4/11-Read Chapter 8 & take notes

Tuesday, 4/12-Chapter 8 Lecture

Wednesday, 4/13-Chapter 8 Lecture

Thursday, 4/14-Wedding Project Work

Friday, 4/15-Chapter 8 Lecture

Monday, 4/18-STD lecture

Tuesday, 4/19-Finish STD and Chapter 8

Wednesday, 4/20-Chapter 8 study guide-due tomorrow!  Chapter 8 Exam tomorrow!

Thursday, 4/21-Chapter 8 Exam & study guide due!

Friday, 4/22-Wedding Project work day

Monday, 4/25-View No One Would Tell

Tuesday, 4/26-View No One Would Tell

Wednesday, 4/27-Finish movie & work on Wedding Project

Thursday, 4/28-Begin Chapter 9-Read & take notes

Friday, 4/29-Chapter 9 lecture

Monday, 5/2-No School

Tuesday, 5/3-GO VOTE

Wednesday, 5/4-Chapter 9 lecture

Thursday, 5/5-Lecture

Friday, 5/6-Wedding Project work

Monday, 5/11-Wedding Project Work

Tuesday, 5/12-Finish up Chapter 9 & work on Study Guide

Wednesday, 5/13-Wedding Project or Study Guide (due tomorrow) work--Chapter 9 Exam tomorrow!

Thursday, 5/14-Chapter 9 Exam & study guide due!  Wedding Project Due tomorrow!

Friday, 5/15-Final Wedding Project Work-due at end of hour!

Monday, 5/16-Read Chapter 10 & take notes

Tuesday, 5/17-Chatper 10 lecture

Wednesday, 5/18-Chapter 10 lecture

Thursday, 5/19-Finish Chapter 10 & study guide

Friday, 5/20-Chapter 10 Exam!

Monday, 5/23-Final study guide

Tuesday, 5/24-Final study guide

Wednesday, 5/25-Final study guide

Thursday, 5/26-Cummulative Final!

Friday, 5/27-Last day!